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Salutation to the Radiant Sun

Life is artís inspiration, and art is lifeís reflection. Art embodies unique creations, from the title and content to the expressive end forms. They need to be interestingly different for these unique interpretations to exude an extraordinary attraction and magnetism.

The creativity of art can be based on the depth and breadth of feelings and a new way of looking at the subject of the art. Very rarely have we seen artists focused on painting the Radiant Sun, yet this artist, Grace Li Wang ( Li Erh-Ping), has captured a wondrous salutation to the Radiant Sun. She has created a large body of work in this series, the result of her strong passion for this theme.

The Sun gives Earth life, warmth and color. With sunlight, green plants come alive in full-blooming fields. With the Sunís warmth, living things keep growing better and stronger. With the Sunís wondrous spread of sunrays, there is the most glorious and infinite spectrum of colors. The Sun gives life to all. Sun as the essence of life is the theme that Grace passionately expresses in this series.

Graceís art often shows a warm color scheme, filling her art with exuberance and warmth. That is the essence of a female artist whose works depict her love for Mother Nature much like a woman creating and nurturing life with her love. Her work appears stylistically influenced by Van Gogh and Edvard Munch in their strong colors, energy and expressiveness. Grace uses symbolic colors and forms that depict a state of mind rather than figurative reality. They exude a highly charged expressive energy. The use of color field is mature, yet refreshingly edgy and playful, all the while well executed.

Graceís contemporary art genre is very direct, bold and dramatic. She uses the mixed media of acrylic and oil to create works using primary colors, playing down the neutral or secondary tones. Her brush works are daring and quick, bright and luminous, flamboyant and full. Layer upon layer of her contents visually explode and offer an ethereal quality that leaves viewers wanting to linger and absorb as much as possible from her mesmerizing work. Graceís strong work on the Radiance of Sun is highly expressive and energized Ė she produces a joyous celebration of life and sun for all to view.

Huang Ke
Art Critic
Shanghai, China

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