The Art of Grace Li Wang

Sensorium Series

Wound by Mia Yoon My “Sensorium Series” is all about how I feel and sense my surroundings. This is the series of paintings from the time when all my senses of things were magnified. I could still remember the night with heavy rain, looking black and so loud that I could not hear anything but that heavy rain. My inspiration for “Black Rain” came from that night.

As all things provoke my senses, I want to provoke your senses, your perceptions, and your feelings. I want everybody to hear the rain. I want you to feel the pain. If you cannot see the wound, does that mean the wound is not really there?

Why is it that our inner world is so removed from this outer world? I want to feel and to connect these two worlds. I want to portray this invisible world beautifully and painfully as I see it.

Signs and Symbols Series

No Net by Mia Yoon In my paintings I work with lot of symbolic or metaphorical images to convey a certain message. Due to the type of work I do, I am very aware of my environment. Every day we come in contact with many signs and symbols. We make associations with them and sometimes they control or impact our life in a very direct way. But some signs we process on a subconscious level. All these facets arouse my interest.

I wanted to do paintings using signs and symbols to translate into my language (the language of art). I selected certain signs and symbols to describe what interests me and what I want to say to people. It could be a warning, a statement or just simply a means of control. This is for the viewer to question and answer and it is his or her freedom to choose to ignore them or to look at them with profound interest.

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