The Art of Grace Li Wang


Mia Yoon People often ask me what is the style of my work? If I have to categorize my work, I think of myself as a conceptual abstractionist working in three dimensions. Although I hesitate to use those labels, I could not describe my work as just painting or sculpture.

I used to paint on canvas, but over a period of time wood became my choice of work surface as my method of painting got more sculptural and I began to incorporate other materials to my work. Because of this method of working I start with a definite concept for each painting. Then I construct each piece as a sculpture working extensively sanding, filling and shaping. When I incorporate materials into my painting I try to select them on the basis of symbolic or metaphoric meanings associated with the specific theme.

It could be a social statement, or just a statement about the pure aesthetic beauty of the art. What ever motivates my creative side, I think my paintings tend to talk in a subtle way. I want my paintings to have an illusion of mystery and to portray something beyond my thought process. To achieve this effect I paint with very thin layers of contrasting colors of washes, so the white, for instance, becomes shimmering transparent layers. Many people tell me when they look at my paintings they could almost see the light behind them.

I strive to create a clear concept of my ideas, but at same time I want to stir the emotions of the viewer even without wanting them to think. I feel that too many conceptual works leave you cold.

I want my work to transcend the purest form of energy with its own identity and life.

Mia Yoon will present the “Sign and Symbols Series” and the “Sensorium” Series."

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