The Art of Grace Li Wang

Contemporary Art Exhibit

Marty Matthews, Jason Craighead, and Wendy Painter

Through May 19, 2003

The Grace Li Wang Art Gallery #2 exhibits contemporary works by Marty Matthews, Angela Smith, Jason Craighead, Wendy Painter, and Mike Everson.

Marty Matthews has a flair for capturing some of the current issues. His work portrays movement and images in a surreal way. Using found objects he hopes to get across to the viewer a marriage between past, present and the coming future, as not to forget the interlocked links.

Jason Craighead is a painter of American Abstract Expressionism. His contemporary abstracts have received numerous awards and his patrons have been from large corporations to interior designers and private collectors.

Wendy' s abstract paintings exhibit vibrant colors and textured layers created by various techniques. Each layer of paint is applied with purpose, building upon soft washes and energetic brush strokes, alternating with swipes of a palette knife' s flat edge. Her paintings are powerful tools that guide observers through the myriad layers of their conscious and unconscious selves, eventually leading to self knowledge and understanding. Each work has a point of entry specifically created to open this window of opportunity.

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Cheryl Sweeney's Dakota Day Charles Philip Brooks' Dusk on the Ridge Grace Li Wang's Mountainscape